About the project


e-Expo Online – is an innovative exhibition online platform capable of increasing the efficiency of existing exhibitions, forums or conferences several times, increasing the role and degree of their impact on market processes. Due to modern innovative technologies, it provides access of the wide audience of consumers to achievements, new technologies, goods and services of companies.

Marketing instrument

e-Expo Online makes communication with consumers targeted and efficient, capable of providing advantages and prospects of cooperation, the ability to consolidate and expand its market presence, significantly increase the number of customers. Online forums, conferences, and other events are especially systematic in the digital exhibition ecosystem.

Resource optimisation

e-Expo Online helps organisers, exhibitors and visitors optimize time, financial, human resources significantly and offers unique opportunities for successful development in a modern digital economy.

Business network

e-Expo Online forms a systemic information exchange among different parties, consumers and producers, forming an active information and business environment that facilitates the development of new markets and ensures leadership positions in business.

Online Forums and Conferences

Conducted within the framework of exhibitions or in the format of separate events
Digital format with an audience of up to 10,000 participants simultaneously
Conducting discussion panels with simultaneous connection of up to 8 participants from different countries and up to 10,000 spectators
Creating a responsive event landing page in any number of languages ​​with all the necessary tools for the event
Event registration management with integrated CRM system
Integration of any online payment system

Benefits for organisers

  1. Interactive online support of real exhibitions, forums of conferences;
  2. Customer access to the Global Digital Business Network UBP;
  3. Improving the quality of exhibition services using innovative technologies;
  4. Increase of exhibitions, forums and conferences attendance due to the expansion of borders, audiences and time;
  5. Creation of an interactive business network for exhibitors and visitors;
  6. Improving the image of exhibitions, forums and conferences through the digital format;
  7. Strategic and tactical advantage over competitors.
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Benefits for exhibitors

  1. Effective opportunity to strengthen business positions and enter new markets;
  2. Attracting the attention of target audience and targeted communication;
  3. Optimisation of expenses and achievement of the maximum effect from participation in exhibitions, forums or conferences;
  4. Access to the Global Digital Business Network UBP;
  5. Using an innovative tool for effective researches, presentations and educational events;
  6. Organising an active business communication environment with the consumer;
  7. Enhancing the image of an innovation-oriented company;
  8. Objective statistics and analytics;
  9. Possibility of targeted advertising, the growth in the number of potential customers.
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Benefits for visitors

  1. Saving time and financial resources;
  2. Optimal achievement of the goal;
  3. Convenient service and wide choice;
  4. Direct and effective communication;
  5. Quick access to targeted information about companies achievements, their products and services;
  6. Convenient way of making orders;
  7. Participation in promotional and bonus programmes;
  8. Planning of efficient participation in exhibitions, forums and conferences;
  9. Unique informational environment for research.
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Planning the participation
in exhibition
about the exhibition
Registration in accordance
with selected status
Selection of options
Creation of
Virtual Exposition
Exhibition online
Registration and work in Global Digital Business Network UBP
Statistics and analytics
How does it work: 1

Planning the participation
in exhibition

  • Selecting exhibitions for participation
  • Defining status:
    • Exhibitor
    • Visitor
    • Press
    • Partner
    • Advertiser
How does it work: 2

about the exhibition

  • Areas, conditions of participation
  • Layout maps
  • General event plan
  • Corporate event plan
How does it work: 3

Registration in accordance
with selected status

  • Exhibitor
  • Visitor
  • Press
  • Partner
  • Advertiser
How does it work: 4

Selection of options

In accordance with selected status,
goals and objectives, the user
determines the most optimal tools
and options according to price
and timetable.
How does it work: 5

Creation of
Virtual Exposition

  • Information about company
  • Technologies, goods and services of the company
  • Corporate events plan during the exhibition
  • Company post-exhibition programme
    on communication with customers
How does it work: 6

Exhibition online

  • Company positioning: achievements,
    technologies, goods, services
  • Online broadcasting events plan
    during an exhibition and during
    selected period (3, 6, 12 months):
    • Conferences \ Presentations \ Webinars
    • Communication with visitors
    • Consultations \ Trainings
    • Blogs \ Information distribution
Changing the business culture of
the event industry allows you to
communicate meaningfully and
closer not only with customers
but also with various departments
within companies, specialists,
innovators and inventors.
How does it work: 7

Registration and work in Global Digital Business Network UBP

  • Digital trade
  • Digital rialto
  • Digital investments
  • Digital analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital communication
  • Direct links
How does it work: 8

Statistics and analytics

  • Instrument of objective analysis and
    development of management decisions
  • Obtaining information online allows
    users to be mobile and rational in
    decision-making and respond
    in time to various
    business development trends
How does it work: 9


  • Events overview
  • Evaluation of opinions, requests and
    expectations of visitors
  • Forecast of trends and prospects for
    business development